Automatic renewal agreement

Release time: Sept. 01 2023

1. This automatic renewal agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this agreement") is your (hereinafter referred to as "you" or "user") based on your recognition of Litok APP (hereinafter referred to as "this software") services and your own needs for the functions of this software. Agreement with Lita Digital Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "us") in the British Virgin Islands, the owner of this software.

1.1 This agreement is a supplementary agreement to the "User Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Agreement"). It is a part of the service agreement and has the same effect as the service agreement. For parts not agreed upon in this agreement, the service agreement shall prevail. If there is any inconsistency between this Agreement and the terms of the Service Agreement, this Agreement shall prevail.

1.2 We have the right to modify this Agreement from time to time and notify users of the above revisions in an appropriate manner. You can also log in to the official Litok website ( to check the latest version of the Service Agreement and this Agreement at any time. After modifying the agreement, if you refuse to accept the new agreement and rules, you have the right to give up or terminate your continued use of the services provided by this software, but you shall bear any legal liability under the transactions that have been carried out by this software, and The content of the agreement or rules in effect at the time of the previous transaction should be followed. If you continue to use this software, you will be deemed to have accepted the modified agreement.

2. This agreement is an agreement regarding the use of the automatic renewal entrusted deduction service provided by this software (hereinafter referred to as "the service"). This agreement stipulates as follows:

2.1 As a VIP member, you can choose the following methods to pay the VIP membership fee (hereinafter referred to as the "Subscription Fee"):

(a) You have the right to use managed payment accounts (including but not limited to: Paypal, Apple account, Google play...)

(b) Other payment methods we provide.

2.2 If you use the software and the automatic renewal service through the above (2.1) method, and do not actively and explicitly cancel the automatic renewal service during the subscription period, we will activate the service from you 24 hours before the expiration of each subscription period. The subscription fee for the next (period) will be automatically deducted from the account (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Account") with the payment method agreed at the time, and the membership validity period and rights of the subscription period will be extended.

2.3 This software will pay the subscription fee according to the payment method you choose, and also comply with the terms of service and usage rules of the third party that provides payment.

2.4 You are solely responsible for any risks and/or losses caused by failure of renewal and deduction due to problems with your account or insufficient balance.

2.5 Based on this service, if you use the Apple account payment method to subscribe, the deduction will be completed 24 hours before the start of the next subscription period. The deduction for non-Apple account payment subscriptions will be completed on the membership expiration date. If you have not made it clear before then To cancel the automatic renewal service, we will issue withholding instructions for the next subscription period to relevant entities in accordance with this agreement and your entrustment and make irregular deduction attempts (specifically, the rules of the third party providing payment shall prevail). In principle, The fees deducted based on this instruction will not be refunded. When the deduction is completed, we will renew and extend the subscription period for you.

3. Methods and procedures for terminating this service

3.1 Termination process of Apple account (apple ID) system

Open iPhone "Settings" -> Enter "iTunes Store or App Store" -> Click "Apple ID", select "View Apple ID", enter the "Account Settings" page, click "Subscription", and select Litok automatic renewal service Just cancel your subscription. If you fail to terminate this service (cancel renewal) at least 24 hours before the end of the service subscription period, this subscription will be automatically renewed and payment will be deducted.

3.2 Termination process of Android system

On your Android phone or tablet or computer, open the Google Play Store and log in to the correct Google account; click the "Menu" icon; select Litok and click "Cancel Subscription". If you cancel, your subscription will stop at the end of the current billing cycle.

4. Others

4.1 If the software subscription price is adjusted during/before automatic renewal, the currently effective price shall prevail. If the subscription price is adjusted, we will notify you through one or more methods such as this software announcement, email or mobile text message. If you do not agree with the adjusted price, please cancel the use of this software and this service.

4.2 Unless otherwise stipulated in this Agreement or otherwise stipulated in the relevant rules of the third party providing payment, this automatic renewal service will be effective for a long time from the date you activate payment until you choose to cancel this automatic renewal service.

4.3 We may also stop providing you with automatic renewal services based on operational strategy needs, and your subscription service period will terminate on the expiration date of the current service cycle.

4.4 If you have any questions about the content of this Agreement, please send an email to our customer service email: (